Wednesday, 6 July 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The Diary of V. Frankenstein By Steven J Guscott

A slim volume that really packs a monstrous punch, The Diary of V. Frankenstein is a great achievement, writes TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian

Moving on the Frankenstein story in the finest traditions of the original this Steampunk reawakening of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece is a triumph.
Shelley’s proto-feminism is brought up to date in the alt-reality/Gothic horror reimagining.
It centres on the monster and his mate’s life and their brutal conflict with the human world.
Written in an engaging diary format as the title suggests it is a perfect read, which can be done in bite-sized chunks, or read through on a train or plane journey.
Speaking about the short story, Steven said: “It is an alternate-reality, Gothic/horror, steampunk, sci-fi with the main theme being feminism.

“That's a lot of genres in one story, but it appears to work. 
“This adaptation was originally a short story, which can be found in the published Charity Anthology 'Strange Tales From The Scriptorian Vaults.'
“Quite a number of those who read the Anthology said my story was their favourite so I decided to expand it into this novella.

“I really believe this is a retelling that people will find very interesting as it touches on themes that are important, plus there is some really captivating plots.”
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