Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nip + Man body 'Fixes' for abs, biceps and pecs

To say I was a rippling hybrid of Hulk Hogan and Charles Atlas would be disingenuous.
But, like those two powerhouses of yesteryear, I like to relax and soothe my muscles after a workout.
And that is where three fabulous ‘fixes’ from men’s grooming experts Nip + Man come in.
The brand, beloved of celebrities, has produced products especially for abs, biceps and pecs.
And they really do work.

Ab Fix

£19.95 for 100ml

Need help getting that six pack?
Nip + Man Ab Fix is a lightweight, fast acting gel which will help to improve skin tone and texture around the abdominal area. Containing Gemmoslim, Nip + Man Ab Fix helps improve skin tone and texture in the abdominal area.
I found it to be a fantastic moisturiser too.  

Bicep Fix

£12.95 for 100ml
Get better biceps with Bicep Fix, a firming, toning gel to make arms appear stronger.

This sculpting gel helps define the appearance of the upper arm area and improves tone and texture for extreme body confidence.

Containing ultra firming ingredient laracare, the bicep area is enhanced + skin appears smoother and more toned.

active caffeine: promotes elasticity
laracare: firms

Pec Fix

£16.95 for 100ml

Pec Fix is a minimising and sculpting gel with a fast acting formula to help to improve tone, texture and smoothes the appearance of pec contours.

For use after a workout or for pecs that just need a boost, this non sticky formula is ideal for daily use to contour, tone and reduce the appearance of excess fat.

unislim: sculpts
laracare: firms and tones

Thursday, 16 October 2014

VIDEO: Ed Sheeran at The O2, London

“Hi, I’m Ed,” said Sheeran as he walked on stage, and as fans at the O2 went wild.
The diminutive red-headed singer-songwriter clad in red checked shirt and clutching a guitar, was a model of understatement, but somehow his stripped back acoustic style filled the vast stadium-sized venue.
All his hits were there, plus a number of much-loved album tracks, but it was how good he was live that really resounded around the cavernous O2.
Sheeran’s voice was devoid of autotune or other audio trickery, displaying just raw talent.
Lego House got a well-received airing here, as did The A Team, I See Fire, Give Me Love and plenty more, including some bizarre but very clever on-the-fly bootlegs. 

Aside from the man in the middle there was one other, introduced as ‘Trevor’, who supplied a steady stream of new guitars, one a song it seemed, from the wings.
The way Ed Sheeran was building crescendo after crescendo I’m not surprised new instruments were needed – I imagine he got through about 12 plectrums too!

It was widely reported that five people got engaged at his gig the previous night at the same venue.
And, while I did not become betrothed at the event, I certainly became wedded to the idea that Ed Sheeran is in the A Team of entertainment.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


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