Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea review

Visitors to London’s West End, and in particular those heading to watch the hugely successful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, can enjoy an afternoon tea that will transport them to a world of pure imagination.

The treat at the One Aldwych Hotel, is to celebrate the long-running show, based on Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book, which is being shown nearby at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
The spectacular, tasty and magical themes of the show are brought to life in the fantastic tea.
A crisp glass of Champagne or, even better, a ‘Cocktail Charlie’ begins the epic tea.

The cocktail bubbles and smokes as it arrives in a glass teapot, before the savoury selection arrives, with a colourful flourish.

The sandwiches include a tasteful twist on classic smoked salmon and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise and beef and horseradish among others delicious offerings.
But the piece de resistance is the sweet selection.

A dizzying array of saccharine scrumptiousness awaits the lucky tea taster.

Warm blueberry brioches, scones and delicious jams with clotted cream, doughnuts on sticks, caramel and chocolate milk in mini milk bottles, Werther’s Original candyfloss and other delights are an absolute delight.
The tea varies from time to time depending on seasonal flavours, but maintains the same magical opulence.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

RadikalVIP wooden sunglasses

If the sunny weather has got you looking for a new pair of sunglasses, try something 'Radikal'.

RadikalVip claims the spot as the biggest market place for bamboo and wood sunglasses in Europe.

With wooden sunglasses really taking off at present RadikalVip is the place to go to get the latest look.

All the sunglasses are individually handmade and all of them are natural wood or bamboo and can be hand painted or carbonized.

And with prices ranging from €49 (approx £35) to €99 (approx £71), they represent affordable fashion.

All the lenses are polarised and have 100 per cent UV 400 protection and you can find them with different flash colour lenses, from pink, blue, orange, yellow, black, brown and gold. 

Founder Lara Oliveras said: “We define our style as eco-luxestyle but with an affordable price.

“All  our  collection  is  a  reflection  of  sunglasses  classics  like  the  wayfarer, aviator, cat eye etc, but we modernised giving the best raw materials – wood and bamboo – and putting colour mirrored lenses.”

She added: “RadikalVip’s philosophy is ‘classics rejuvenated’, innovation in different styles and shapes of frames, without forgetting its origin and without forgetting the importance of good vision and protection for eyes.”

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Exclusive interview with Paul van Dyk at EDC UK 2015

TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian caught up with trance trailblazer Paul van Dyk at last week’s fantastic EDC UK festival, in Milton Keynes.  

Before delivering an incredible set in the Cosmic Meadow tent  German DJ talked about EDM, a trance revival, how music can bring people together and his album being banned in the Middle East.  
On EDM he said: “It’s a long time that I listened to something that people call EDM that I found able to enjoy it.
But PvD was more positive about the wider scene.
He said electronic music on the whole was “the biggest music in the world” and “there’s so much great music coming out every day.” 
And, turning to his own forte, he said: “With trance there seems to be a huge comeback right now, some of the biggest future producers do pure trance.”

The trancemeister’s latest release, Politics of Dancing 3, reinforces his belief that music can unite people – and scare those with a vested in interest in keeping them apart.
“I think electronic music can bring people together from different cultural backgrounds,” he said.
But the world’s tyrants do not like the unifying power of Paul van Dyk’s electronic message.
POD3 was banned in parts of the Middle East, as van Dyk had featured both Arabs and Israelis in his various collaborations on the banging and euphoric album.
“I think it scares them,” he said about those responsible for censoring his work. 

He added: “In a way it proves this music has an ability to break those boundaries.”

EDC UK 2015... in pictures

A series of fantastic and colourful images have been released, which capture the atmosphere at the fantastic EDC UK festival at the National Bowl, in Milton Keynes on Saturday. 
They were taken by Bennett Sell-Kline and Jake West, for festival organisers Insomniac. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Interview with EDM star Steve Aoki backstage at EDC UK 2015

TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian caught up with EDM superstar Steve Aoki before he took to the main stage at EDC UK on Saturday. 

The producer, real name Steven Hiroyuki, who has worked with Iggy Azalea, will.I.am, Linkin Park and Lil Jon, spoke about a range of topics affecting EDM and the wider scene.  

Asked whether the spiritual home of dance music was in Europe or the USA, Steve Aoki said: “Man, it’s always here, but the USA is a big part.

He said the US was “an important market”, but said he spent four months of the year in Europe as he felt it was so integral to the scene.

Although, perhaps fearing he might have come across as unpatriotic, the DJ revised his answer.

He added: “It’s equal.

“I’m from America, man, I love America.

“It’s equal.

“It’s, I think, about the influence and power and reach.

“They’re both equally powerful.”

When asked about the adulation he and his genre gains from crowds worldwide he said: “My favourite shows to play are to crowds that are hungry for the music.

“Lately it has been South America and Asia and playing to these kids and you don’t know if they’re on drugs or not, but it seems like they’re really high off the music.”

It was not the first time the long-locked EDM jock mentioned narcotics. 

When asked what made for a good set, he said: “Crowd participation is the key to how successful a set is.

“If the crowd is turning their back on you and you’re in it and you’re sweating and you’re putting your all into it and the crowd are turning their back on you or they’re in their own world or they’re high on drugs – it happens.”

Commenting on EDC UK he said: “There’s a great line-up of DJs and they are coming on their A-game.”

The constant comparisons between club and festival set were also addressed by Aoki, who said his club sets are sometimes more experimental, with occasional forays down tempo into hip or up tempo to tracks of 140 to 160 beats per minute.

He said his festival performances tended to stay around 128 beats per minute, but he also starts on a high.

“I want to start with a bang, I’m like ‘what’s up, here I am’.”


Thursday, 9 July 2015

EDC UK 2015 map released

A tantalising map has been released for this weekend’s (Electric Daisy Carnivl) EDC event at Milton Keynes.
The cartographic affords a glimpse into the dance music wonderland and pinpoints different arenas at the event, including the ‘Cosmic Meadow’, Kinetic Field and Neon Garden.
EDC will take place on Saturday, July 11 at the National Bowl.
Headliners include Tiësto, Paul van Dyk, Hardwell and Ferry Corsten.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer skincare for men with Bulldog and Nip + Man

Men’s skincare is as important in the summer as in the colder months, especially with the heatwave earlier this month.

Protective and cooling products are the order of the season and with brands like Nip + Man and Bulldog you can’t go far wrong...

Bulldog protective moisturiser 100ml (£8)

This stuff is fantastic for those on a budget and packs a real punch.

It has that vital SPF 15 protection from the sun and is smooth and non-greasy and absorbs into your skin well.

Bulldog Original Face Scrub 125ml (£5)

Another brilliant budget product.

Clean out your pores with this superb exfoliating scrub.

Great for keeping blackheads at bay.

Bulldog Original Eye Roll-On 15ml (£9.99)

Late night puffy eyes and dark circles can be spirited away with this nourishing roll-on.

Packed with avocado and other natural ingredients it is a must for tell-tale hangover eyes.

Nip + Man Daily Power Moisturiser 100ml (£7.95)

Give dry, dull skin a wake-up call with brightening and smoothing ingredients, including caffeine, that deeply cool and hydrate.

Nip + Man After-Shave Power Lotion 100ml (£7.95)

This cooling, energising formula is designed to prevent inflammation, revitalise + moisturise the skin while soothing + healing common skin irritations caused by shaving.

Contains cooling menthyl lactate and energising caffeine. 

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EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) UK 2015 - stage times announced

Stage times for next weekend’s EDC UK festival in Milton Keynes have been announced.
Headline acts like Tiësto, in the Kinectic Field stage, and Paul van Dyk, in the Cosmic Meadow arena, will start at 9.30pm and will end when the one-day festival concludes at 11pm.
Other acts on the bill include EDM star Hardwell, who will play the Kinetic Field from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, Ferry Corsten will take the stage in the Cosmic Meadow from 8pm to 9.30pm, Pendulum will headline the Circuit Grounds arena from 10pm to 11pm and Art Department will begin at 10pm and finish at 11pm in the Neon Garden. 

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