Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Exclusive interview with Paul van Dyk at EDC UK 2015

TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian caught up with trance trailblazer Paul van Dyk at last week’s fantastic EDC UK festival, in Milton Keynes.  

Before delivering an incredible set in the Cosmic Meadow tent  German DJ talked about EDM, a trance revival, how music can bring people together and his album being banned in the Middle East.  
On EDM he said: “It’s a long time that I listened to something that people call EDM that I found able to enjoy it.
But PvD was more positive about the wider scene.
He said electronic music on the whole was “the biggest music in the world” and “there’s so much great music coming out every day.” 
And, turning to his own forte, he said: “With trance there seems to be a huge comeback right now, some of the biggest future producers do pure trance.”

The trancemeister’s latest release, Politics of Dancing 3, reinforces his belief that music can unite people – and scare those with a vested in interest in keeping them apart.
“I think electronic music can bring people together from different cultural backgrounds,” he said.
But the world’s tyrants do not like the unifying power of Paul van Dyk’s electronic message.
POD3 was banned in parts of the Middle East, as van Dyk had featured both Arabs and Israelis in his various collaborations on the banging and euphoric album.
“I think it scares them,” he said about those responsible for censoring his work. 

He added: “In a way it proves this music has an ability to break those boundaries.”

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