Friday, 1 July 2016

Yorkshire Tea - Much More Newsworthy Than Brexit!

What with Brexit and all National Cream Tea Day was rather overshadowed.
A fact not unnoticed by the bemused tea wallahs at Taylor’s of Harrogate, makers of the delicious Yorkshire Tea.So much so that on June 24 they tweeted: “We're very disappointed to see so little media coverage for National Cream Tea Day. It's easily today's biggest story.”
Eager to put this right – albeit belatedly – I have to say that if you want a cream tea make sure you opt for delicious nut brown Yorkshire Tea.
Fiercely sticking to square bags (I always preferred them) this traditional and satisfying cup of splosh with leave you purring with delight.
Those nice people at Taylor’s also sent me a lovely little model of their famous Little Urn – a converted ice cream van which tours all over making sure people have “a proper brew”.

  • For more information on Yorkshire Tea click here 

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