Thursday, 27 November 2014

VIDEO: The London Dungeon

A journey through London’s grim and gruesome history awaits visitors to the fantastic London Dungeon.
On a recent visit to the ever-popular attraction, which has now moved from near London Bridge to the South Bank, I encountered enthusiastic actors recounting bloody tales from yesteryear.
Beginning before we’d even entered, a funny-voiced scary jester welcomed us and we were soon enacting a head-chopping photo opportunity.
Then it was onwards and downwards into the murky depths.

With the sights, sounds and smells of the capital played out, from plague-hit streets with reanimating corpses, through the Gunpowder Plot to Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper, there was no end to the gore.
There were moments where a palpable sense of fear was felt, as a band of travellers and I made our way through the warren of catacombs beneath old London Town.
Clever use of animation, video effects, animatronics, lighting and suspense make this attraction a must-see stop if you’re in the capital. 

Real rats and cockroaches were also in evidence, as was an epic boat ride through Brian Blessed’s, sorry Henry VIII’s, dungeons and Traitors’ Gate.
The near two-hour tour is excellent value for money (£25.20 for adults, or from £17.50 if bought online) if a little overlong, but the moment where everyone gets ‘hanged’ at the end, on a 10 metre drop ride, is well worth staying the course for.
I had a ghoulishly good time and would recommend it, but try not to lose your head!


Click here to book tickets. 

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