Wednesday, 12 November 2014

VIDEO: Nicoccino - a pure nicotine experience

Ever eager to circumvent draconian rules against feeding a nicotine addiction I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the smoke-free Nicoccino. 

Developed in Sweden, where smokeless tobacco products such as snus have a cultural foothold, this potent hit of nicotine has dispensed not only with smoke, but with tobacco too.
A small rectangle of paper is what dwells within the metallic sachets, which is placed under the lip and directly onto the gums.
And I have to say I was impressed, not least because of the advertised “powerful nicotine effect”, being true. 

The lemon mint morsels dissolve to relieve cravings and provide a small stinging sensation as the nicotine penetrates the gums, which is actually quite pleasurable. 
Nicoccino contains 1 mg of pure nicotine, similar to one regular strength cigarette - but it contains no tobacco, no tar and has no smell.

Compared to horrible nicotine-replacement gum these are a must.

And there’s even a nifty brown branded wallet to keep them in available to buy. 

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