Thursday, 6 November 2014

VIDEO: Neo E-Cigarettes - a step nearer to a tobacco-free tomorrow

The first thing I noticed when I excitedly opened the snazzy packaging of my cache of uber cool looking Neo E-Cigarettes were the two rubber moustaches (mustaches for my American readers!). 
It seems a #NeoTash selfie will garner £1 for charity as it's Movember. 
It's touches (or perhaps that should be 'taches) like that, which make a brand stand out. 
But forget any notion of well-intentioned gimmickery, let's move on to the products themselves. 

Firstly the rechargeable tobacco and cool mint varieties were a revelation.
As a seasoned vaper I have experienced some disappointing e-cigs in the past. 
But the sheer volume of vapour and satisfying 'hit' with these sleek Neo products was fantastic.

I for one believe that electronic cigarettes are the future, a "game-changer" as a friend of mine called them, and with quality such as this a tobacco-free tomorrow is nearer than ever (as long as Big Tobacco's grasp on politicians and Quangos can be eroded).
Both the mint and tobacco flavours were spot on and I can't recommend them more highly. 

For fruit fans there are disposable non-nicotine versions in exciting blueberry, grape and strawberry. 
Again they produce an incredible amount of vapour and the flavours are realistic and refreshing. 
And, excitingly, for me at least, they remind me of Star Wars lightsabers or the interior of Space Mountain with the way they illuminate with futuristic lights.

For more information and to order these superb e-cigarettes visit
Incidentally, for anyone who is interested, my #NeoTash selfie is below.

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