Monday, 1 February 2016

The Bearded Colonel razors review plus EXCLUSIVE discount code

Fed up paying over the odds for razors?

Many men may be left nodding their bearded noggins at that last question.

But an enterprising business is set to end scruffiness for thrifty punters with a new subscription service, which could blunt the profiteering of the big boys.The Bearded Colonel provides razors and blades at a frequency the shaver decides straight to their door.  

And the blades are said to be sharper and therefore far less irritating than more well-known brands.

I found them a joy to shave with and felt no razor burn or rash at all – especially after following The Colonel’s advice (as set out below) to the letter.

Called the ‘Gothic Arch’, it has been dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of razors”.

The five-ply blades, which feature an aloe vera moisturising strip, come in a handy tin and the sleek black handle is sturdy, well-designed and ergonomic.

TopReviews4U readers can also enjoy an exclusive £5 discount on their first month’s subscription, by using the coupon code TR4U.

The Colonel’s top shaving tips:

1.       Open and clean pores by saving after a shower or scrubbing your face with arm water

2.       Apply shaving cream against the grain, while skin is still wet

3.       Shave with the grain to avoid razor rash and skin irritation

4.       Rinse with warm water to clear out pores

5.       Splash with cold water to close pores and keep them clean

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