Monday, 2 February 2015

Nip + Man skincare for men

With winter’s icy chill in full cry skincare becomes ever more important as temperatures plummet.
And with the boom in male grooming and a raft of top products from Nip + Man to guard against drying and the appearance of aging, there’s no excuse for men to let themselves go.

Nip + Man Scrubbing Facial Wash (150ml) £7.50
This was fabulous for exfoliation.
Unlike other exfoliating products I found this was not abrasive and was sensitive though vigorous, in clearing pores and removing the grime that can build up after a day’s existence in the 21st century.
It also hydrates and moisturises as it cleanses because of Brazilian papaya and contains invigorating caffeine.

Nip + Man Manotox (50ml) £19.95
As a man in my early thirties I’m conscious of avoiding any signs of ageing and this stuff can really help.
It’s not cheap, costing the best part of £20, but you can actually feel and see it working in the mirror as skin is tightened and firmed without the need of any nasty botulism.
It contains a substance called liftonin, which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and gransil, which it is claimed helps smooth the appearance of the skin.

Nip + Man Daily Power Moisturiser (100ml) £7.95
Daily Power Moisturiser is an energising day cream that hydrates and nourishes skin with a combination of ingredients to moisturise and brighten the complexion.
This power-packed formula gives dry, dull skin a wake-up call with brightening and smoothing ingredients to deeply hydrate.
Daily Power Moisturiser is designed with caffeine extract to brighten the skin while grape seed oil tightens and tones and jojoba oil soothes and nourishes.
I hugely recommend it. 

Nip + Man Turbo Face Wash (150ml) £7.95
This energising, gentle formula that works to clean and refresh skin daily.
The boffins at Nip + Man have created a formula including moisture-boosting black quinoa awakening caffeine.
Turbo Face Wash is described as “the ultimate quick fix for tired skin”, and as someone who occasionally burns the candle at both ends I found it a must-have part of my skincare routine.  
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