Tuesday, 6 January 2015

VIDEO: Attack that plaque and fight bad breath with UltraDEX dental care products

Get a million pound smile and make bad breath a thing of the past, by sticking to an oral care routine.
That is the advice from dental hygiene specialists UltraDEX.

And the firm has just the right tools to achieve terrific teeth by attacking the 100 million bacteria in the average human mouth.

The award-winning UltraDEX Performance Oral Care range, with its clinically proven technology is backed by extensive scientific research.

From fresh breath sprays to toothpaste and a daily oral rinse I found the neatly-packaged products to be a revelation.

The big surprise was the oral rinse, which was flavourless and colourless.

Where was the minty mouthwash-style aftertaste, I wondered.

But, on reading the packaging it was made clear that these trifles are unnecessary as, by means of alchemy, they’ve managed to pack in everything healthy teeth need without gimmicky flavours.

For those menthol-mad die hards there is a sachet of mint flavouring included, so all bases are as covered as your grateful canines and molars. 

A dizzying array of other kit can also form part of your regimen, as brushes and floss are also part of UltraDEX’s fine collection.

After spending years of simply brushing my teeth, there’s no way I’m not keeping to this new routine to keep the dentist’s whining, whirring drill at bay.

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