Wednesday, 18 January 2017


As someone who has not only attended, but reviewed each and every EDC UK, since the first odd affair at the Olympic Park, in London, to the (we all assumed) spiritual home at the National Bowl, in Milton Keynes, it was a real shock to learn the planned 2017 event had been cancelled, writes TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian.

An odd and intriguing statement (above) was released by the US-based event organisers, Insomniac, which appeared to blame the venue. 

It also claimed EDC head honchos were keen to "properly reimagine all areas of the experience". 

Given the sell-out multi-million pound events over the last few years this seems odd. 
EDC always drew vast crowds and had become a major feature in the summer festival calendar. 

I first began to suspect the 'Electric Daisies' might fail to bloom earlier this month when the festival's previous promoters told me they had nothing to do with the event this year, and weren't really able to tell me who was dealing with that side of things. 

And now it is clear - the answer is: no one is.

While Insomniac's vague statement could be taken at face value - they could just feel they can't put on the show they want to - I find it somewhat unsatisfactory.

From what I've seen from the travelling show's US incarnations the UK event at MK was easily on par with them - but then I always preferred the trance and house tents rather than the main Kinetic Field stage anyway.

The rumour mill has, quite expectedly, gone into overdrive. Suggestions that there are no big-name DJs available is one theory, or rather more believably, that their astronomical fees were unrealistic and rendered the event unprofitable. 

It is no secret that the likes of previous performers (and TopReviews4U interviewees) like Tiesto and Steve Aoki are raking in megabucks for festival sets. 

There is also the suggestion that the EDM bubble could be slowly deflating, in a discordant whomping parp - not unlike the 'music' itself. 

I'm inclined to believe a combination of poor ticket sales and overhyped DJ fees is at the root of the sorry mess the Electric Daisy Carnival's UK leg has become. 

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