Monday, 30 May 2016

VIDEOS: J00F Editions London review

Old met new on an amazing night of progressive house and trance courtesy of J00F Editions in London last night, writes TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian


Iconic and historic Koko (formerly the Camden Palace) provided a stunning contrast to the absolutely cutting edge dance music served up to a rapturous crowd.

I arrived early and already the venue was in full swing, with a pulsating soundtrack – I’ve not seen a club so busy so early in many years.

The stripped back DJ table was bathes in fairly simple purple light, which lent an otherworldly appearance, but this was all about the music.

And on that J00F Editions did not disappoint – excellent sets from John 00 Fleming and Steve Arnold were also joined by the awesome Astrix, who I’d never seen before, but will definitely seek out again in future.

His was the stand out set in a night of stand out sets.

The genres ranged from progressive to trance to psytrance in what was a futuristic whir of musical mayhem.

The knowledgeable and fervent crowd were loving every morsel of the aural feast as was I.

Quite simply it was a fantastic night and I will be looking out for the next J00F Editions event wherever it may be and so should you.    

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