Thursday, 3 March 2016

London Beer Week pop-up with Sharp's Brewery

Free beer is always welcome, writes TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian.

And so it came to pass last week during the fantastic London Beer Week.

Thanks to this lovely folks at Sharp's Brewery and others who took part in the fantastic event.

Sharp's constructed an amazing pop-up bar in London's East End, with an indoor beach and a mind-boggling selection of ales, lagers and porters.

My personal favourites were the terrific coffee-like Mizzen and the delicious Jetsteam IPA, which weighed in at a potent 5.7 per cent ABV.

The atmosphere was great with nearby pop-ups, pubs and other assorted venues getting involved with a £3-a-pint beer bonanza.

And it was not just UK beer that took centre stage – Czech legends Kozel were also in evidence for those who like strong continental lager that really packs a punch.

Pop-ups have become increasingly popular as a way to show off new products and drive trade and brand recognition, but Sharp's effort was a masterstroke.

I for one will definitely be heading back next year.


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