Thursday, 10 September 2015

VIDEO: Future of trance 'as good as always' say Super 8 & Tab, who talk genres, favourite venues and a mishap following The Prodigy

Super 8 & Tab answered questions from TopReviews4U editor Paul Christian and others tonight. 
The electronic music duo took part in a live Q&A session on Facebook and were quizzed about their lives, their music and their work. 
Asked how they saw the future of trance, they replied: "It's as good as always I think :).
"Trance is now [a] much wider thing that [sic] 10 years ago when we started Super8 & Tab so that's good in my books."

They were also asked their favourite venue, which proved tricky as there were "too many to mention", but mention them they did. 
"Avalon, LA, Pacha, NY, Amnesia, Ibiza, Zouk, Singapore, Home Sydney", all made their list. 
But they also said they'd be equally happy in a "small local club here in Finland too".
And they were asked about mixer mishaps and whether they'd ever not understood the DJ set up after arriving for a gig. 
They recalled one such "unique" occasion in Bucharest, Romania, where they played in the same tent as groups like The Prodigy.

"We played at the tent where they only had a 24 channel mixer, which is not ideal for DJing," they said. 

  • Check out Super8 & Tab's remix of Aalto - Liquid Sweep below. 

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