Monday, 29 June 2015

Interview with superstar DJ Tiësto ahead of EDC UK 2015

What is special about playing in the UK?

There’s a great history for dance music in the UK, some of the finest clubs and festivals that became the model for what everyone else is doing in the world.
The fans are really clued in as well, so it’s great to play in the UK. 

What can we expect from your set at EDC in Milton Keynes?

It’s an iconic venue and I can’t wait.
I’ll be playing a lot of new tracks from my new mix album ‘Club Life Vol. 4 – New York City,’ my current favourites and of course some classics.
I’ll be dropping some surprises as well .

What do you think of your one-time Gouryella collaborator Ferry Corsten’s new ‘Anehera’ track and will you ever return to trance?

Ferry’s super talented and it was a great moment to work with him back then.
The track is great but I’m not focusing on the past.
It’s always going to be a part of who I am and of course you will hear some of those classics in my sets. 

Do you think EDM has peaked?

Not at all.
In fact, it’s still growing and expanding into other subgenres. 

I once saw you play at The Gallery in Turnmills, London, where I’m sure you’ll remember the dancefloor and club where very confined, do you miss the intimacy of clubs in the early days?

To a degree, but I still do play those kind of clubs.
It is not all giant clubs and festivals.
I do appreciate a small intimate club

What are better, festivals or clubs?

It’s a tough answer because both settings are very different. 
On the one hand you have this insane adrenaline rush from playing a festival but the sets tend to be limited by a smaller set time.
Club shows often allow me to explore the room a bit more and change up my styles, which is something I love.
I’m really happy and comfortable in both settings. 

Who is your favourite up-and-coming DJ?

There are a few I’m really into now including Dzeko & Torres, MOTi and Zaxx. 

Has dance music’s home shifted from Ibiza to the USA?

I think so. It seems that dance music is going big and never stopping year round in the USA. So many great clubs and festivals. 

What is your current favourite track? 

I have this new song with Dallas K called ‘Show Me’ and the reactions have been amazing. I really liked the way it turned out and it’s going to be huge. 

What does the future hold for you? 

 I’ll be promoting my new mix album, I have a lot of festivals performances this summer and of course I’m in Vegas for my Hakkasan/Wet Republic residency throughout the summer.

  • EDC is at The National Bowl, Milton Keynes on July 11. For more information, click here

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