Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mr Blanc teeth-whitening strips

Do you have stained or discoloured teeth, but don’t fancy going through uncomfortable and expensive teeth-whitening procedures?

Despair no longer over your gnarly gnashers for help is at hand.
And that assistance comes in a small box with a French-sounding name.
Mr Blanc.
The well-designed little boxes contain a series of plastic sheets, each with two rubbery gummed appendages on them.
These strips affix to your top and bottom rows of teeth and are left there for a pleasurable, mildly pulsating 30 minutes.
The transformation after half an hour was remarkable.

The visible shine was astounding as a build of daily, weekly and yearly grime was no more.
And this was from just one usage.
No wonder celebrities are flocking to use the strips (and uploading pictures of them using them with the hashtag #mrblancteeth).   
Mr Blanc starts at a two week supply for £19.99 and goes up to a six week supply to £49.99.

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