Thursday, 23 April 2015

Totally Wicked General Election e-liquids

Britain has the chance to register its political preference by choosing its favourite party political e-liquid. 

Totally Wicked, one of the UK’s biggest independent e-cigarette and e-liquid companies, has released the General Election e-liquids with each of the five representing the major parties tussling for control of the county.

Five party leaders are represented, with Cameron's Eton Mess, Miliband's Rocky Red, Clegg's Blueberry Coalition Crumble, Bennett's Green Deal and Farage's Lunchtime Tipple.

And best of all vapers can vote on their favourite to be added permanently to Totally Wicked’s range.

While initially sceptical about using an e-liquid to determine the future of the country I soon came round to the idea.

I mean, it’s just as good as voting.

The way things are at the moment some grubby deal between two or more parties means they’ll soon be reneging on their manifesto promises.

So, why not just sit back and vape until it’s all over?  

Cameron's Eton Mess  

The current PM's old school was the starting point for this one, and with it tradition, the sound of leather on willow, summer days, and strawberries and cream.

This e-liquid is based on a British classic fresh strawberries, sweet meringue, and lashings of clotted cream. 

 Miliband's Rocky Red

Being leader of the opposition is often described as worst the job in British politics, so where better to escape to for a break than the great British seaside?

Famous not just for being a great holiday destination, but also for hosting many party conferences, the seaside was the inspiration.

It is minty and fruity, with a hint of pear drops, but no trace of bacon.

Clegg's Blueberry Coalition Crumble

Cleggie is known to enjoy a blueberry vape, so here it is, plus shortcake and vanilla tones.

I was tempted to mix it with Cameron’s Eton Mess for a real coalition of flavours, but knowing the flip-flopping Lib Dems, I imagine this would mix equally well with Miliband’s Rocky Red.

Farage's Lunchtime Tipple

We all know Nigel Farage likes his ciggies and a pint; now it turns out he’s also a vaper.

A full tobacco flavour with a dash of beer, topped off with a note of espresso is what UKIP vapers can look forward to.

Proving the PM wrong, there is not a hint of fruitcake in this.

Bennett's Green Deal

I wrongly expected this to be mung bean and lentil flavoured, with a hint of sandal and beard.
But thankfully this e-liquid is more palatable than your average Earth Day crustie on the third day of an open air festival.

An e-liquid to revive the spirits of any eco warrior, made with an interesting combination of gooseberries and kiwi with a hint of menthol.

Fraser Cropper, Totally Wicked MD, said: "Vapers are very politically aware so it will be interesting to see how they cast their votes.

“Will they opt for an e-liquid associated to a party that has supported the cause of vaping or will they be tribal and stick to another party irrespective of its views on vaping?”

The e-liquids are £3 each or £12 for the whole husting.
Follow the e-liquid election on Twitter with the hashtag #liquiddemocracy

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